Although all our systems are pre-engineered for standard applications as illustrated on Master Details published by VIVA. Engineering should be done in following situations in general (there may be others outside of this)

  1. Engineering alternate purchased by customer (refer sales order)
  2. Any exterior application
  3. Custom system (anything outside of VIVA catalog)
  4. Deviation from standard system master details 
  5. Significant change in height compared to Master details (deeper fascia mount etc)
  6. Larger post / button spacing than on master details
  7. Sub-structure not adequate (thin concrete, narrow curb, low edge distance etc)
  8. Windwalls
  9. Parapet / Terrace applications - Where wind is imapacting the railings from both sides (in lieu of a normal balcony rail where the building is protecting railing from the traffic side)

For items 2-6 you will chase down a CO from the customer but still you will go ahead with engineering.Types of engineering requests - Rod will modify the order request form to add the categories below.

  1. A mounting detail review from engineer after design kick-off and before start of approval drawing prep.
  2. Complete Engineering after prep of approval drawings and before submitting to customer
  3. A final stamp on Install drawings

It is expected that you stay in the loop on communication with engineer so that you understand your project better. Most importantly it seems to me the PMs are not reading through project documentation to understand the needs of their projects. It is imperative that you review the following when a sales order is released.

  • Project scope via PO, Scope of Work attachment and VIVA sales quote (including markup and notes in the sale order email)
  • Project Drawings - Architectural and Structural (mounting details are irrelevant if you dont correlate it with strutcural drawings - if you need help reading strutcural drawings, ask for it). Structural drawings will give you Concrete PSI, Wind loads, Member sizes etc.
  • Specifications - LOOK FOR….Special Load Performance, Alloy, Finish, Deflection criteria, Product type, Component Sizes

If you dont invest time in this early on you will be spending your and your teams time multi-fold down the road handling a very difficult issue, not to mention significant cost impact. Our products are a life safety item, your job is to do them right.

ADD ON 11-22-18

Prevent engineering request for complete engineering ie Signed and Sealed Drawings and Calculations at Approval stage. It is preferred that you do a PRELIMINARY ENGG REVIEW (no or low cost) based on above criteria and save the full blown stamp and calc package after you final APPROVED SET but BEFORE going to FABRICATION.

Also when you submit a request for change order, find out if you have already spent the money on engineering and if this change order will require additional engineering costs. If so notate that in change order request form.

Change Order Request Form -