Following is the procedure for T&M change orders

  1. PM gets a written approval on authorization of T&M change order based on rates provided from PM to customer. Foreman: $85 per hourI; Installer: $75 per hour; OT: 1.5X above rates.
  2. Work may begin however the same day PM follows up with "Open T&M CO" via Hikuu to customer with above rates. Get signed approval back (via CO admin)
  3. Foreman takes signature of from customer PM or Super on field of hours worked a particular week
  4. VIVA Super to send signed T&M Ticket to PM before the following Monday of next week
  5. PM (via CO admin) to send a copy of signed ticket of the prior week to customer
  6. PM (via CO admin) to send a CO for all T&M tickets for that month, before the end of the month or latest 1st week of the following month.